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If nothing goes right, go left

James Franco ♡

What’s my name?

Emilia is my name

Where are you from?

France, Bordeaux c:

How old am I?

I am 14 years young.

When’s my birthday?

January 5th 1998

Follow me? Follow 4 Follow?

No. Never will happen. I find this really rude.

Check out my blog?

Sure, & I’ll just follow if I like it.

Promo 4 Promo?

Yes, If only we follow each other. Must have 4.5K+ followers. 

Promo me?

Well, depends who you are.

Help me reach my goal?

You have to message me your current number of followers then message me your goal. It also all depends if I am in the mood to do it that time. 

Can You vote for me?

Okay. Just message me. 

Help me with voting? Ask your followers to vote for me? 

Sorry, but no. I don’t think that will have to be my job.

What kind of Tumblr do I have?


What are my likes?

Music. Fashion. Justin Bieber. Taylor Swift. Vanessa Hudgens. Pretty Little Liars. The Secret Circle. Beach. Ocean. 

On what number did my hit counter start?


Where did I get my banner?

I found it on this tumblr: http://clear-bohemian-waters.tumblr.com/

Can I use one of your banners?

Yes, sure. Just please put credits & message me first before using. Must be following me! 

Do I personalize banners?

How many followers do I have?

Enough to make me happy. & Tumblr isn’t about how many followers you have.

If you have more questions to ask, just ask! 

Anymore questions then message me here